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Health Mart Believes Medication Synchronization is a True Game Changer for Independent Pharmacy!

Medication synchronization (med sync) is an appointment-based approach for managing patients who take multiple drugs on a continuing basis, which facilitates proactive patient-centered care. Under med sync, enrolled patients pick up or have their prescriptions delivered on a single day each month. As a fundamental shift in pharmacy workflow, med sync helps put you in the driver’s seat and move your pharmacy practice forward.

Get Started. Get Patients. Get Results!

Recognizing that pharmacies are at different points with their experience with med sync, the resources in this education center are organized along the continuum of education and implementation.




Owner Perspectives

Get In Sync with Health Mart!

Visit BecomeAHealthMart.com to learn how Health Mart is leveling the playing field for independent pharmacies. Our Get In Sync initiative includes:

  • A Med Sync Resource Roadmap
  • A Med Sync Playbook
  • Physician-facing med sync fax templates
  • Patient-facing brand and marketing materials — “SimpleSync™” — to attract patients and increase customer awareness of med sync services
  • Best practices for getting the most out of your scheduled patient appointments and expanding your services

Shifting to Med Sync Improved Pharmacy Operations

Greg Paisley

Shriver’s Pharmacy and Coler Long Term Care

VP/COO: Greg Paisley

State: Ohio

Number of Retail Locations: 5

Year Started Sync: 2014

Patients Enrolled (as of June 2015): Over 1,800 patients with 10,000+ active drugs


  • Decreased cost of dispensing
  • Improved pharmacy operations
  • Better work environment in the pharmacies!


  • Dedicate a med sync champion technician (at each pharmacy if you have multiple locations)
  • Make sure you have correct phone numbers for patients on sync

If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try Again!

Jerry Duren

Duren Health Mart

Owner/Pharmacist: Jerry Duren

State: Tennessee

Number of Locations: 3

Year Started Sync: Originally 2010 — Tried again 2015

Patients Enrolled (as of June 2015): Over 200 patients across 2 locations


  • After two initial starts and stops due to losing a pharmacist and not having the right champion in place, the program is now up and running and growing fast in only a few months
  • After picking the right champion, whom their staff calls a “coach,” the program has really taken off


  • It can be a challenging process initially to get all the staff on board, but it’s rewarding, so stick in there!
  • Make sure to recognize your staff — even a simple “thank you” makes all the difference

Med Sync Improves Quality Outcomes and Patient Outcomes

Derek Tengan

5 Minute Pharmacy

Owner/Pharmacist: Derek Tengan

State: Hawaii

Number of Locations: 2 retail, 1 long-term care

Year Started Sync: 2014

Patients Enrolled (as of June 2015): Over 600 patients


  • Exceeded the 5-star goal levels at both retail locations for two of the adherence measures and high-risk medication use in the elderly
  • Showed a local health plan that by helping manage just 10 high-risk patients leveraging sync and MTM, the pharmacy could save the plan an estimated $180,000 over six months by reducing ER visits, hospital admissions and readmissions


  • Combine the initial sync process with a Comprehensive Medication Review for patients when possible
  • Monitor your performance on key pharmacy quality measures on a monthly basis

Leverage Technology to Get Scale Faster

Mark Newberry

Tarrytown Pharmacy

Owner/Pharmacist: Mark Newberry

State: Texas

Number of Locations: 1

Year Started Sync: 2015

Patients Enrolled (as of June 2015): Over 250 patients


  • Enrolled over 250 patients in only a few months — without technology it would have been “impossible to get the same level of scale so fast!”
  • Off to a strong start toward their long-term goal to get at least 20% of their patients enrolled in med sync


  • Make sure that your staff believe in the importance of med sync, including Star Ratings and what it means to them — hopefully a more efficient pharmacy and better working environment!
  • Make sure you set your expectations appropriately from the beginning. It’s a huge change in the way the pharmacy operates and more work initially because it takes an upfront investment of time to enroll patients and align the meds.

Growing Patient Enrollment with Staff Engagement and Marketing

Dave Wright

Butterfield Drugs/Butterfield Pharmacy and Medical Supply

Owner/Pharmacist: Dave Wright

State: Florida

Number of Locations: 2

Year Started Sync: 2014

Patients Enrolled (as of June 2015): Over 360 patients at first location and 250 at second location


  • After less than a year doing the program, they have over 500 patients enrolled across their two pharmacies and their script volume is up


  • Run reporting either on your med sync platform and/or pharmacy-management system to help you target patients for the program and then leverage bag stuffers to prompt a conversation at pickup
  • Incentivize your staff — consider including the program in staff goals and compensation, and recognizing success with lunch or vacation hours for achieving key milestones

Med Sync Paid Off

Bob Lomenick

Tyson’s Drugs

Owner/Pharmacist: Bob Lomenick

State: Mississippi

Number of Retail Locations: 3

Year Started Sync: 2009

Patients Enrolled (as of June 2015): Over 885 patients


  • The “side effect” of medication synchronization is a better bottom line — incremental prescription growth of over 60% in five-year period
  • Decreased delivery costs
  • Better work-life balance was a bonus!


  • Don’t expect all the return on investment immediately — as you keep enrolling patients and changing behavior, you will see incremental prescriptions and revenue continue to grow
  • Consider making sync mandatory for your delivery patients on chronic meds