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Today, Payers and PBMs select preferred pharmacies based on coverage and cost. Tomorrow, how your pharmacy performs on Medicare Part D Star Ratings measures will be a key third criterion for gaining access to preferred networks. Health Mart has sponsored this education center as part of its commitment to help independent pharmacies navigate change and level the playing field. The resources below give you a foundation of what’s happening, what impact you can have, why you shouldn’t wait to act, and how you can get started.

Online CE

Maintaining Access to Lives for Retail Pharmacies by Providing Quality Care
Available through the Collaborative Education Institute, this complimentary one-hour online course (1 CEU) describes the impact of the changing healthcare landscape including CMS (Centers of Medicare and Medicaid) Star Ratings on payer incentives, explains the importance of medication adherence on patient outcomes and pharmacy profit, and outlines steps that you can take to help educate your pharmacy staff and patients about adherence.
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Know Your Numbers: The Pharmacy Imperative
Understand why the U.S. healthcare system is quickly moving from fee-for-service to making providers (including pharmacists) accountable for patients’ health outcomes by tying reimbursement to performance. In reading this 16-page guide, you’ll see why a pharmacy business model that primarily relies on filling prescriptions may be in trouble, and learn how you can adapt to the shift to CMS Star Ratings and narrow pharmacy networks.
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Pharmacy Quality Measures: Improving Performance Playbook
Get the details on the five key medication-related measures that directly impact a plan’s CMS Star Ratings, and help protect your access to patients. Reviewed by Pharmacy Quality Solutions (PQS), this comprehensive 60-page guide includes a description of each measure and its clinical relevance, a case study, and action steps that you and your staff can take to enhance patient outcomes. You’ll also find tips for how to talk with patients about behavior change, sample fax templates that can be customized to your pharmacy’s specific operations and other resources.
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Maximizing Clinical Opportunities for Future Advantage
Help close gaps in the coordination of your patients’ care and spur a partnership with providers in your healthcare community. This 5-page guide gives you ideas for maximizing your reputation for outstanding clinical care to help you to build your revenue today and create future opportunities to expand the role of community pharmacy in the delivery of healthcare services.
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Health Mart Town Halls

You’re invited to attend Health Mart’s second series of CE Town Halls: Pharmacy Quality Measures: Action Steps for Improvement! Take a deeper dive into the five CMS Part D star rating quality measures, and learn how to benchmark your pharmacy’s performance and evaluate your progress. You’ll learn from your peers about tangible action steps they’ve taken to improve their performance. And, you’ll leave with an action plan based on your EQuIPP™ data to improve quality measures specific to your pharmacy.

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Missed the first Health Mart Town Hall series Pharmacy Quality Measures: Know Your Numbers?

  • Review the four key takeaways from the event and 6 ways to get started on improving outcomes today. read more »
  • Take the complimentary one-hour online course (1 CEU). view CE webinar »


Star Ratings Explained
July 31, 2013
What Star Ratings are and why they matter to community pharmacies.
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Lay the Groundwork with Med Sync
July 20, 2015
Med sync improves pharmacy efficiency and can boost revenues
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What You Need to Know Now about CMRs
July 20, 2015
A new Star Ratings measure makes case completion a high priority
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Be a Top-Performing Pharmacy on Star Ratings Measures: Invest in Relationships with Physicians and Patients
April 20, 2015
Educate yourself and customers to improve outcomes
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Be a Top-Performing Pharmacy on Star Ratings Measures: Make Every Encounter Count
February 11, 2015
Communicating well with providers and patients improves performance
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Be a Top-Performing Pharmacy on Star Ratings Measures: Med Sync Improves Adherence and Operations
January 18, 2015
Synchronized refills benefit patients, prescribers and the pharmacy
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Be a Top-Performing Pharmacy on Star Ratings Measures: Improve Medication Adherence Rates
December 4, 2014
Make it easy for patients to stay on track with coaching, packaging and medication synchronization
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How Diabetes Care Can Impact Star Ratings
December 4, 2014
Help boost Star Ratings while earning a reputation for excellence in caring for diabetes patients
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Be a Top-Performing Pharmacy on Star Ratings Measures: Seniors’ Meds Need Special Attention
November 24, 2014
Flag high-risk medications and create systems to easily recommend alternatives
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Clinical Performance: A Prove-It Moment for Independent Pharmacies
August 25, 2014
Payers and PBMs want higher performing pharmacies in their networks – and some are paying for it.
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Clinical Trends & Their Impact on Independents – Q&A with Health Mart’s Chief Pharmacist
August 24, 2014
McKesson’s Tony Willoughby discusses what’s driving the shift from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance in retail pharmacies, the opportunities for pharmacies to get credit for improving patient outcomes
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Improve Your Refill Rates and Revenue with Medication Synchronization
April 11, 2014
Review the financial benefits of adherence and hear how three independent pharmacies are using mobile and online refills and medication synchronization to boost prescriptions, patient outcomes, and profitability.
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How Health Plans and PBMs Evaluate Pharmacy Performance
March 16, 2014
In order to make sure you measure up, get the details on how you contribute to Medicare Star Ratings and what plans look for in their network pharmacies.
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It’s Time to Start Offering Medication Synchronization
February 4, 2014
How this adherence solution is improving patients’ outcomes and pharmacies’ fiscal health.
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How Narrow Networks Are Changing Pharmacy
February 4, 2014
What community pharmacies need to know about participating in preferred and performance-based networks.
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Key Components of Effective Adherence Programs
July 31, 2013
Drug adherence is a huge problem that community pharmacies are well positioned to help solve. What exactly should we do?
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Why the Fervor Over Medication Adherence? Why Should Pharmacy Care?
July 1, 2013
Drug adherence is one of the hottest topics in pharmacy today. What is driving this and what does it mean for community pharmacies?
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